INOFLON® PTFE is an engineering plastic designed for high performance under some of most extreme conditions. Known for its exceptional chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction, outstanding weatherability, dielectric strength, thermal stability, flame resistance and a wide range of service temperatures, our PTFE resins are the material of choice for a broad range of industries. The INOFLON® brand of PTFE is widely used worldwide for various applications such as bearings and seals, pipes and tubes, weather-resistant architectural coatings, high quality cook wares, automotive fuel hoses, gaskets, wire insulation and also for some of the most sophisticated applications.


INOFLON® PFA resins provide excellent processability because of lower melt viscosity than PTFE along with excellent heat & chemical resistance, dielectric strength, flame resistance, and weatherability similar to that of PTFE. Being suitable for conventional melt processes such as molding and extrusion, INOFLON® PFA resins are widely used for corrosion resistance in valves, pumps, and fittings as well as for tubing applications such as wires, cables, and tubes. INOFLON® PFA Dispersions and Powders grades find extensive use in a variety of coating applications.


INOFLON® FEP Resins are melt processable fluoroplastic processed by conventional melt extrusion techniques transfer and Injection molding processes. Being highly melt-processable due to their lower melting temperatures compared to PFA, they are ideal for cable insulation, tube extrusion, and molding for lining components application. A unique blend of properties such as low dielectric constant, transparency and UV resistance along with the characteristic resistance to corrosion, heat, and flame of Fluoropolymers, makes INOFLON® FEP highly applicable in the high-speed extrusion of flame-resistant coated wires, high-end LAN cables, high-frequency cables as well as cost-effective corrosion protection of valves, pumps, fittings, and vessels.